The all-rounder for clear and waste water

Our submersible pumps for clear and waste water are versatile and can handle large flow rates. They enable partial shallow suction up to 3 mm, simple pumping out and down; pumping water from pools, ponds, cisterns, rainwater containers and flooded cellars as well as water extraction from lakes, ponds and rivers. While clear water pumps are suitable for use in pools, swimming ponds, basins, cisterns and wells, dirty water submersible pumps pump heavily contaminated water with particle sizes of up to 30 mm. Extremely powerful is our special deep well pump, which reaches a maximum delivery height of 55 m. In addition, you will also find combi models in our range: The AL-KO twin submersible pumps combine clear and dirty water pump in one unit. Our compact submersible pressure pumps also fulfil two tasks, as they achieve high pressure and a high delivery rate.

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AL-KO Tauchpumpen Vorteile | Flexibler Einsatz

Flexible use

From the operation of a simple lawn sprinkler through the supply of complex irrigation systems to automatic domestic water supply in conjunction with a Hydrocontrol - the AL-KO submersible pressure pumps combine the advantages of garden and submersible pumps in one unit.

AL-KO Tauchpumpen Vorteile | Perfekte Ausstattung

Perfectly equipped

Equipped with a float switch for automatic on/off as well as a 90 degree angle connection and combination nipple for common hose sizes, the AL-KO waste water pumps have all the prerequisites for smooth operation.

AL-KO Tauchpumpen Vorteile | Zuverlässigkeit und Langlebigkeit

Reliable in the long term

The stable and robust construction with multiple seal set and the use of corrosion-free materials make AL-KO waste water pumps ideally suited for extreme requirements. This guarantees a long service life.

AL-KO Tauchpumpen Vorteile | Motor und Innenleben

It's the inner values that count

Robust and stainless steel shafts, permanently lubricated and maintenance-free ball bearings, solid triple seals and stable housings make AL-KO submersible pumps particularly durable and reliable.

AL-KO Tauchpumpen Vorteile | Optimale Niveauregulierung

Optimum level control

With the freely adjustable holder for positioning the float switch, you can quickly and easily determine the water level to automatically switch off the pump.

AL-KO Tauchpumpen Vorteile | Zuverlässiger Alleskönner

Reliable all-rounder

By simply adjusting the pump foot, the AL-KO twin submersible pumps offer all the advantages of dirty and clear water pumps in one unit, from the rapid pumping of dirty water with the pump foot extended to the removal of residual water in flat suction operation.

AL-KO Heckenscheren | Produktlinien
Pump range

Reliable, powerful and suitable for various types of extraction: These are quality features of AL-KO submersible pumps. They are used for drainage and irrigation and pump both clear and heavily contaminated water. In addition to use in the garden, you can also use our clear and dirty water pumps in the cellar to suction off flooded areas. Thanks to their high performance, they are able to meet even extreme requirements.

Tested and rated "very good": submersible pump AL-KO TWIN 14000 Premium , DIY practice (02/2016): very good (1,3)

With us you will find:

Universal immersion pumps combination pumps for any water. Whether dirty or clear water.

Submersible clear water pumps 
Robust clear water pump with flat suction function.

Submersible sewage water pumps 
Thanks to the large inlet opening, even for very dirty water.

| Submersible pressure/deep well pumps 
two-in-one: Garden and submersible pump.

AL-KO Heckenscheren | Gürtel für Akku-Heckenscheren

The right pump for your needs

Universal immersion pumps  Robust, handy and powerful >br>| flat suction operation possible
| Also suitable for narrow shafts. Model with integrated float switch.
| Simple adjustment of the pump foot to switch from dirty to clear water operation.

clear water submersible pumps 
| With flow rates up to 10. 500 l/h
| Ideal for pumping water from pools, cisterns and wells
| Flat suction up to 3 mm (depending on model)

submersible sewage water pumps 
| Powerful and solid
| High flow rates up to 12. 000 l/h
| Universal angle connection included grain size up to 30 mm

immersion pressure/deep well pumps 
span style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">span> High flow rates at high pressure >br>>span style="font-size: 18px;">span style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">span> Multi-stage pump drives >br> >span> >span style="font-size: 18px;">span style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">span> >span> Maintenance-free motors with thermal circuit breaker >span> >/p>

Multi-sided submersible pumps 

Submersible pumps operate according to the so-called "centrifugal principle": Water reaches the motor-driven impeller in the water-bearing part via a suction opening. The water sucked in is transported further via the impellers. A distinction is made between drainage pumps, which build up only low pressure and move large quantities of water, and submersible pumps. They generate enough pressure for irrigation or for pumping to greater heights, for example even to upper floors.

Dirty water pumps are a special case: They have to move not only water but also dirt particles. This significantly increases the load on the material and the performance of the motor. Thanks to its vortex impeller geometry, the model of the DRAIN 20000 HD submersible pump can easily handle even heavily contaminated water with 5 percent suspended solids and grain sizes of up to 38 mm.


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